New Orleans

Escape the room once, and you'll want to be locked up again and again.

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How it works

1. Invite friends

Invite friends, family, or coworkers! Escape My Room is best experienced as part of a team. Each escape room can hold a maximum of 8 guests, but you can book as many or as few tickets as you like. If you don’t book all 8 tickets in your timeslot, there’s a good chance someone else will book the remaining tickets and you’ll make new friends!

2. Buy tickets

Buy tickets here on our website. All Escape My Room tickets must be purchased at least one hour in advance. Walk-ins are not allowed. Choose your room, select the number of tickets you’ll need, and then find a date and a time that work well for you.

3. Get locked in a room

Get locked in a room! You have one hour to escape, but if you do not escape within the hour, then we’ll come in and show you what you missed. Please arrive on time to be able to look around the family museum. You risk forfeiting your ticket if you are more than 15 minutes late.

4. Solve puzzles

While in the room, you must work together as a team to find clues and solve puzzles,uncovering secrets and scandals of the DeLaporte family along the way.

5. Come back

Come back! We debut a new escape room every two to four months, so If you have a good time (and we promise that you will), come back and play a different room!

Still have questions? Look at our Tips and FAQs or email us at


Escape My Room features rooms inspired by the DeLaporte mansion which was torn down to make way for a new hospital complex near the Superdome. Before the house was demolished, everything within it was removed and placed into storage.

Mardi Gras Study

GREAT experience! The storyline is creative, and the decor is hauntingly delightful. Very eclectic, especially heightened with New Orleans history and culture to make it a more special experience than would be in other cities.

- Laura P. via Yelp



The year is 1990, and Odette DeLaporte has invited you to her study. As the last remaining heir in New Orleans to the DeLaporte fortune, she needs your help locating a treasure which went missing a long time ago.

The reclusive matriarch has not been seen in public for quite some time, yet she has agreed to meet with you with the hope that you can recover what’s been lost.


Jazz Parlor

Very well organized and put together. Very clean and well kept, especially with all the eclectic items to maintain and dust. Super friendly staff. Be prepared to work together, have fun and stimulate your mind in a family-friendly atmosphere.

- TripAdvisor Reviewer



Travel back in time to the scene of a murder in the music parlor of the DeLaporte Mansion. Join forces with the police and grieving DeLaporte family members as they comb the crime scene for evidence. Can the two groups cooperate long enough to solve this 60-year-old crime, or will the answers be lost forever?

The Jazz Parlor features relics of New Orleans’ most bizarre family, and numerous secrets untold. Expose the DeLaporte scandal as you learn the history of jazz.


How to choose?

You’ll have a great time regardless of the room you choose. There is a story which connects all of our escape rooms, but they don’t need to be played in order to understand it.

Mardi Gras Study
  • Opened June 2015
  • Best for less experienced escape room players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • First chapter in the DeLaporte story
  • Better for digital and mobile escape game players
  • Involves finding something valuable that’s gone missing
  • More handicapped accessible, please contact us before booking
Jazz Parlor
  • Opened May 2016
  • Best for experienced escape room players
  • Ages 12 and up
  • Newest chapter in the DeLaporte story
  • Best for players who like more “tech”
  • Involves solving a murder
  • Less handicapped accessible, please contact us before booking


Escape My Room is located at 633 Constance St. in a former perfume factory building about three blocks from Harrah’s Casino. We are within walking distance or a short cab ride away from most major hotels. Specific details about how to enter the building will be provided upon booking.

Parking is available in nearby lots and is free on the street after 7pm.

Escape My Room does not allow walk-ins. Everyone visiting must have a ticket which can only be purchased online in advance.


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