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New Orleans


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How To Play

1. Invite friends

It’s more fun with people you know. Each escape room can hold a maximum of 8 guests, but you can book as many or as few tickets as you like. If you don’t book all tickets, there’s a good chance someone else will book the remaining tickets for that timeslot and you’ll make new friends.

2. Buy tickets

Tickets must be purchased online at least one hour in advance here on our website. Walk-ins are not allowed.

If you are interested in bringing in a group of 8 or more for a team building activity or a party, please contact us in advance at

3. Play the room

Show up to our location on time or risk forfeiting your ticket. We cannot let you in if you are more than 15 minutes late. You have one hour to escape, if you do not escape within the hour, then we come in and explain any remaining mysteries.

More Questions?


Mardi Gras Study

  • 1 Hour
  • 2-8 Players
  • $30/Person
  • 36% Escape Rate


The year is 1990, and Odette DeLaporte has invited you to her study. As the last remaining heir in New Orleans to the DeLaporte fortune, she needs your help locating a treasure which went missing a long time ago. The reclusive matriarch has not been seen in public for quite some time, yet she has agreed to meet with you with the hope that you can recover what’s been lost.


Jazz Parlor

  • 1 Hour
  • 2-8 Players
  • $30/Person
  • 38% Escape Rate


Travel back in time to the scene of a murder in the music parlor of the DeLaporte Mansion. Join forces with the police and grieving DeLaporte family members as they comb the crime scene for evidence. Can the two groups cooperate long enough to solve this 60-year-old crime, or will the answers be lost forever?


Inventor's Attic

  • 1 Hour
  • 2-7 Players
  • $30/Person
  • 33% Escape Rate


A storm is rolling in, and the DeLaporte’s annual carnival ball is supposed to start in an hour. Problem is, all the lights in the house are on the fritz. All wires in the grand estate mysteriously lead to the recently discovered attic bedroom of Uncle Remy DeLaporte, a kooky inventor who once claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine. Can you restore the power before the ball starts?


Smuggler's Den

  • 45 Minutes
  • 2-6 Players
  • $30/Person
  • 27% Escape Rate


The DeLaporte Family coffers have run dry and the city is threatening to put the house up for a tax sale. You are called to investigate the dark and cramped wine cellar, as it was rumored that Silver Dollar Sam and his band of rum runners once used it as a storehouse. Can you find enough loot to help save the DeLaporte home, or will you be stuck forever by one of the many booby traps? Note: All guests will be in complete darkness for up to 30 minutes of gameplay. Crawling for a short distance is required. All games are private. Please book all tickets for a specific timeslot in one transaction.


How To Choose

You’ll have a great time regardless of the room you choose. There is a story which connects all of our escape rooms, but they don’t need to be played in order to understand it.

Mardi Gras Study Jazz Parlor Inventor's Attic
Opened June 2015 Opened May 2016 Opened September 2017
Best for all audiences Best for audiences that like minor intensity Best for audiences that like some intensity
Ages 12 and up Ages 12 and up Ages 12 and up
Can you find Mrs. DeLaporte's long lost treasure before time runs out? Can you solve the murder and prove a family member's innocence? A storm is approaching. Can you turn the power back on before the midnight ball?
Most wheelchair accessible, requires advance notice Most wheelchair accessible, requires advance notice Least wheelchair accessible, requires advance notice


Escape My Room an Award-winning New Orleans escape game is perfect for team building, corporate events, and private parties.

Private Party

Host your next party at the Delaporte Family Manor and make it a night to remember. Whether you’re planning a birthday, anniversary, retirement or just a reason to get together with friends contact us today to get the party planning started.

Team Building

Escape My Room is a new innovative team building activity where teams must communicate, collaborate and problem-solve to escape. Collaboration is essential for successfully escaping any of the rooms at the Delaporte Family Manor. Since participants must collaborate to solve the myriad puzzles (not just the puzzles that lead to escape), Escape My Room is suitable and effective for developing teambuilding and/or problem-solving skills. You and your colleagues have 60 minutes to “beat the clock” and exit the room. Interested in joining us? Fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to create your customized team building experience.

Interested in bringing a large group to Escape My Room? Please fill out the form below or send us an email at and a member of our team will contact you to customize your group experience.

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Escape My Room is located at 633 Constance St. in a former perfume factory building about three blocks from Harrah’s Casino. We are within walking distance or a short cab ride away from most major hotels. Specific details about how to enter the building will be provided upon booking.

Parking is available in nearby lots and is free on the street after 7pm.

Escape My Room does not allow walk-ins. Everyone visiting must have a ticket which can only be purchased online in advance.